Masterclass AI Talk

Our co-founder and CTO, Emre Sevinç has been recently invited by Money Matrix organization to an exciting talk on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Emre discussed with Yannick Lefever the opportunities and risks of modern AI systems, and how they pertain to our professional and personal lives.

The recording of the conversation is available to Money Matrix members, and you can find some of the pointers in the following presentation:

Some of the topics we discussed are:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence, when do we actually speak of AI, and why is it so revolutionary compared to, for example, classic machine learning?
  • Some examples from TM Data’s AI client projects.
  • Where will AI be in 1, 5, and 20 years?
  • We keep hearing about the upsides of AI, what about the downsides such as the potential job loss, the impact on productivity, people letting an A.I. think for them, and so forth?
  • When we hear AI the first thing many people think of is Skynet, the A.I. gone rogue in “the Terminator”. Can A.I. can ever pose a threat to mankind as a whole? 
  • Once we assume AI is “all knowing”, will people follow it like gospel? Does that make sense?”

It was a pleasure to discuss these important topics that we foresee affecting our lives on a large scale, and we’d like to thank our hosts Benjamin Van Doorslaer and Yannick Lefever for this inspiring conversation.

If you’d like to learn more about modern AI applications, and how it can impact your business and life, feel free to contact us at TM Data ICT Solutions, and don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub to stay up to date!

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