Use Cases

Are you overwhelmed with many possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Smart Automation, Computer Vision, and Automated Decision Making? Are you curious how state-of-the-art methods and techniques can help your business? To help guide our prospective customers in banking, manufacturing, media, telco, logistics, transportation, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, retail, and other industries, TM Data ICT Solutions presents you with a high-level overview of use cases. This is only a small selection, and we’re ready to co-innovate and push boundaries with you for competitive business value generation for your company.

Use Case examples

Natural Language Processing & Knowledge Graphs

English, Dutch, French, German… Human language data is probably one of the most valuable, yet under-used of your company’s data assets. Think about how much text your customers and employees generate every single day in the form of e-mail messages, MS Word documents, PDF files, Excel files with comments, CRM messages, complaints, requests, comments, questions, reviews, digitized forms for workflows and many other documents.

A human being can easily process a piece of text, and take action based on it. But it soon becomes overwhelming to deal with so many textual information. Luckily, we can help you with processing all sorts of text data, from any source, be it an e-mail message, a customer complaint, a simple question, or a detailed report written in any language.

By automating decision making based on text data, coupled with advanced semantic methods such as Knowledge Graphs, you leave time-consuming operations such as automatic classification, translation, automatic text generation for other humans, topic identification, fraud detection, custom chatbot development, automatic task assignment, etc. to the intelligent solutions we’ll build for you, so that you can focus on your core business activities and gain more competitive advantage, while cutting costs. Let TM Data ICT Solutions consultants help you in this journey.

Recommendation Systems

If you’ve used your phone, TV, or tablet today, or if you checked some products to buy on the Internet, you’ve probably used a recommendation system. Based on your information and contextual awareness of your activities, countless online systems on the Internet suggested you take some actions, and shaped your preferences.

You don’t have to be an Internet giant with a big budget to make use of similar powerful recommendation systems for your company and customers. By analyzing your business processes and customer interactions, we can help you build a recommendation system for better customer and employee engagement. TM Data ICT Solutions consultants can analyze your requirements and come up with optimal solutions for your business.

Computer Vision

In this age of smartphones, tablets, and Internet-connected cameras everywhere, your company is surrounded by visual data coming from everywhere in the form of images such as JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. On top of that, video is part of the game, too. But are you making using of that data? Can you identify the information in those images and videos? Can you automate business decision making and insight generation based on image and video analysis by combining the images you have with publicly available Internet resources? And do you want to have such solutions quickly, using flexible IT resources? TM Data ICT Solutions experts are ready to help your company for building solutions using the optimal combination of best in class systems and components.

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