TM Data Joins the EU AI Alliance & Trustworthy AI Efforts

The European AI Alliance is a multi-stakeholder, Europe-wide forum engaged in a broad and open discussion of all aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and its impact on the economy and society. As TM Data, we joined the European AI Alliance because we believe it is important to contribute to the ongoing debate and efforts for the future of AI in EU. As Alan Kay, the pioneering computer scientist put it succinctly, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it“, and being in close collaboration with European AI ecosystem is crucial for us, not only from a purely technological perspective, but also for making sure that we have a say in building a better future.

European AI Alliance

This means activities such as giving our feedback for the report on “Trustworthy AI Assessment List“, as well as applying and contributing to the Best Practices to implement the “Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI“, such as 7 key requirements for Trustworthy AI:

7 key requirements for Trustworthy AI by European AI Alliance
7 key requirements for Trustworthy AI

We also registered for the Piloting Process to test the assessment list and provide practical feedback on how it can be improved. The assessment list operationalises the key requirements and offers guidance to implement them in practice.

Echoing the words of Margrethe Vestager, we agree that “the proactive regulatory stance distinguishes Europe from other parts of the world” and “in Europe, we have purpose [and] a lot to build on.” In other words, as we strive for technological leadership based on 70-year-old AI tradition in Europe, and helping our clients be more competitive by applying state-of-the-art automation systems backed by Artificial Intelligence, we will be also sensitive about the principles such as “Human agency and oversight”, “Technical robustness and safety”, “Privacy and data governance”, “Transparency”, “Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness”, “Societal and environmental well-being”, and “Accountability”.

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