Why is AI for Everyone and Your Company?

AI for Everyone is an online course, taught by Andrew Ng, a professor at Stanford University, focusing on the main concepts in Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Ng delivers the course brilliantly, explaining the concepts using easy to understand examples, and by giving very good summaries of each lecture at the end.

If you’re also interested in learning AI terminology in a broad sense, and get a high level overview of concepts such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP) (see some of our Use Cases), then you can follow this online course at your own pace. You don’t need to have a technical background to grasp the fancy AI terminology. On the one hand, one should understand that AI can’t do everything for us in the near future, but it is also certain that AI will transform our industries & societies fundamentally in the years to come. Therefore, we should not be afraid to embrace what AI is going to offer us. We should foresee the economic value that AI is going to create in our daily lives.

What to expect from this online course?

  1. What is AI?
  2. Building AI projects
  3. Building AI project(s) for your company
  4. AI in our societies

Do you want to learn how AI can help your business? If you’re more interested in this challenging topic, as TM Data ICT Solutions, we’ll be happy to share our insights. Keep in mind that this is not a simple outline of the online course, but the distillation of the most common and significant concepts. The course may seem challenging at first, but Andrew Ng explains the AI terminology very well. His teaching style never gets dull, he’s always enthusiastic the whole time. We genuinely think that Ng deserves applause for his patience & positivity and for composing this “worthy-of-your-attention” AI digital course.

If you’re ready to start the next level of digital transformation and AI, contact tanya.gezgen@tmdata.be, and let’s see how we can help your business!

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